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Testimonial Category

Categories are meant for broad grouping of your posts, think of these as general topics. Categories are hierarchical, so you can add sub-categories. Sub-categories are made when a Category is added to a Parent Category.

Adding categories to a Testimonial would make it easier to locate and post on similar topics by category.

Create Testimonial Categories

Categories are convenient ways to organize your FAQ items, that can be added to more than just one category.

To create new Testimonial Category, navigate in WordPress Dashboard to Testimonial > Testimonial Categories.


The Testimonial Categories page will show, here you can add the details of the Testimonial Category that you would like to create.

  • Name - The name of the category.
  • Slug - The URL-friendly version of the name. Usually all lowercase.
  • Parent Category - If the category is a sub-category, then look for the parent category in the drop-down box.
  • Description - Description of the category.

After adding all the details, click on the Add New category button to save.

Delete Testimonial Category

To delete a Category, navigate your Dashboard to Testimonial > Testimonial Categories.

In the Testimonial Categories page, you will see all the created category.

To delete a category, you have two options:

  • Single Delete - Hover your mouse pointer on the category that you would like to delete. You will see a Delete option pop-up. Click on Delete to delete.

  • Multiple Delete - To delete multiple categories, click on the box beside the categories you would want to delete. Then click on the drop-down box for Bulk Actions and choose the Delete option. Click on Apply button to delete.