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Create New Gift

To create a new Gift, follow the steps:

  • Step 1 - To start creating an Gifts, on your Dashboard navigate to Gifts > Add New. The Add New Gift page will show.

  • Step 2 - Once your in the Add New Gift page, you can add details about the Gift like title, pictures, pricing, etc., to help with the promotion of the Gift.

  • Step 3 - This are the needed information for the Gift, you can add the details.

    1. Title - The name of the Gift.

    2. Gift Options - Details about the gift item.

      • Link to the item - A link to the item sold online.
      • Estimated price - An estimate on the price of the item.
      • Item reserved - Option to have the item reserved.
      • Reservation name - What the is written for the reservation link.
      • Reservation e-mail - Where the reservation email will be sent.
      • Required fields - Option to require Name and Email to make a reservation.
      • Public information - Option for the reservation of the item be known in public.
    3. Gift Categories - Group a Gift with other Gifts in the same category.

    4. Featured Image - The Image shown in the gifts page.

  • Step 4 - Add all the needed details and descriptions for the Gift, Once satisfied click on Publish button.

Add Gifts to Page

To add Gifts on a page, you can add the link for the gallery in Appearance > Menu


You will be redirected to the Menus page.


Using a Custom Links box, set the URL link to /gifts and add the link text. Once done, click Add to Menu button and set the order of the Custom link.



If you don’t see the Custom Links box, go to Screen Options at the upper right side of the page. Click the Custom Links under Boxes.