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Gifts Category

Categories are meant for broad grouping of your posts, think of these as general topics. Categories are hierarchical, so you can add sub-categories. Sub-categories are made when a Category is added to a Parent Category.

Adding categories to an Gift would make it easier to locate and post on similar topics by category.

Create Gifts Category

To create a Category for an Gift, follow these steps:

  • Step 1 - Navigate your Dashboard to Gifts > Gifts Categories. You will see the Gift Categories page.

  • Step 2 - In the page, find the Add New Category area. Add All the necessary information.

    • Name - The name of the category.
    • Slug - The URL-friendly version of the name. Usually all lowercase.
    • Parent Category - If the category is a sub-category, then look for the parent category in the drop-down box.
    • Description - Description of the category.
  • Step 3 - Once done filling out the information of the category, click on Add New Category button to save.

Delete Gifts Category

To delete a Category, navigate your Dashboard to Gifts > Gifts Categories.

In the Gifts Categories page, you will see all the created category.

To delete a category, you have two options:

  • Single Delete - Hover your mouse pointer on the category that you would like to delete. You will see a Delete option pop-up. Click on Delete to delete.

  • Multiple Delete - To delete multiple categories, click on the box beside the categories you would want to delete. Then click on the drop-down box for Bulk Actions and choose the Delete option. Click on Apply button to delete.